Winter Break 2018 Road Trip


This posting is a compilation of our Winter Break 2018 roat trip postings. Begun on Dec 19th, we went directly to Edinburgh to spend a night there. From there we went to Inverness to spend 2 (two) nights there. Our Scotland tour finished at Glasgow and we spent a night there. We continued the trip to Manchester and spent 4 (four) days there before going back to Slough on Dec 27th.

Detail Itinerary was as follow:

Day1: 19 Dec Slough – Edinburgh
Day2: 20 Dec Edinburgh City Tour, Edinburgh Castle, heading Inverness
Day3: 21 Dec Loch Ness, Inverness City Tour
Day4: 22 Dec Glencoe Mountains, Loch Lomond, heading Glasgow
Day5: 23 Dec Glasgow City Tour, Kelvingrove Museum of Art, heading Manchester
24 Dec Manchester Suburbs: Oldham, Saddleworth, Delph, Uppermill
25 Dec Manchester City Tour
26 Dec Cheshire Oaks Outlet
27 Dec Liverpool City Tour, heading Slough

Slough-United Kingdom, 2 Januari 2019


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