Scotland Trip-Day-2: 20 Dec 2018


After spending more than 10 hour driving from Slough, today we planned to enjoy the Edinburgh City and visit the Edinburgh Castle, the historic fortress that dominates the skyline of the city of Edinburgh. 

Edinburgh New Town from Edinburgh Castle

City of Edinburgh is divided into two areas, the Old Town and the New Town by the Prince Street Garden, a public garden in the heart of the city that is shown green in the picture above. 

Edinburgh Old Town from Edinburgh Castle

Both part of the city were listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995 as a recognition of the Old Town’s medieval street plan and extensive Georgian New Town buildings that were build in 18th and 19th century. 

Edinburgh Central Mosque

Left the apartment around 11am, we directly looked for parking spaces so we can walk by to the castle. on the way to the castle we had just realised that we parked our car nearby the Edinburgh Central Mosque, alhamdulillaah. 

Bristo Square

Along the way to the castle we also passed by the University of Edinburgh, a member of Russell Group, which is the 8th largest university in UK in term of total students and and ranked 4th for research power and 11th for overall. 

Suddenly our eyes caught a small restaurant with halal sign on its wall. Yeah, my stomach was suddenly calling for food. We decided to have lunch before preceding. Yum Yum Kurdish Kebab House, later on we realised, has some outlets in Edinburgh. The place itself is small in size but very strategic in term of location, as it is located along the major street and has a lot of interest places near by. Actually we planned to go straight to the castle, but again we were forced to stop as we saw a Scottish man in traditional cloth, playing bagpipe, a Scottish traditional instrument. We could not resist not to take a picture with him 🙂

Family Pic plus a Scottish Man

Finally we made to the Castle!!!

Edinburgh Castle

One good thing is that the management of the castle provides activity for kids to make them enjoy exploring the castle. If your kid is above 7 years old, I believe they could enjoy the activity and the castle as well. 

On the way going back to the car, we passed a restaurant claimed to be the birthplace of ‘Harry Potter’, famous novel by JK Rowling. Whether it is the truth or not, the fact is the place is quite full and attracting people to take a picture of it, including me 🙂

It is time to say good bye to Edinburgh, for now, hopefully will see you again soon, In Syaa’ Allah… Heading to Inverness, Bismillah …

Edinburgh – Inverness

Slough-United Kingdom, 3 Januari 2019

PS: This posting is part of our Winter Break 2018 road trip postings. 

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