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Scotland Trip Day 3: 21 Dec 2018



After 3 hour journey from Edinburgh, we arrived at Inverness around 9pm. All in my mind was only to have a nice sleeping to recharge and ready for the next day adventure. Alhamdulillaah, our three-storey apartment was a nice one with 1 (one) bedroom on the 2nd floor and 2 (two) bedrooms on the 3rd floor. Both levels have a very clean bathroom so we did not need to worry about rushing to toilet 😉

Inverness is located in the northernmost part of United Kingdom, it is regarded as the capital of the Scottish Highlands. The word ‘Inverness’ comes from words invern and ness. Invern is a Scottish word meaning mouth and ness refers to the River Ness, so Inverness has a meaning the ‘Mouth of the River Ness’. We did not realise that our apartment was located by the side of the River Ness, how lucky we are, alhamdulillaah.

River Ness

Today we actually planned to go to the city centre and dolphin watching at Chanonry Point, but ended up with going to Loch NessWe started driving by the left side of the loch and scenery was very beautiful. Along the way we found sheep grazings. Yes, you can see a lot of sheep in Scotland!

Sheep Grazing

The weather was nice but we could still see mist over the loch made the scenery even more beautiful.

Mist Over the Loch Ness

After taking some picture from the left side of the loch we drove by to the Clansman Harbour to take the Loch Ness cruise. There are some ferry operators that provide the cruise. Make sure you check the timing before heading to the harbour. From the loch you can see the Urquhart Castle, was once the largest castle in Scotland sitting by the riverside of the loch.

Urquhart Castle form Loch Ness

Finished enjoying the Loch Ness, we headed back to Inverness to have a dinner. As we planned to drop by to the Victorian Market in Queensgate, we decided to have dinner nearby. Alhamdulillaah we found the AKZ, a Pakistani restaurant, nearby the Victorian Market.

Victorian Market at Queensgate

On the way back to the apartment we walked by the River Ness to enjoy the night in Inverness. In the end, we had to cancel our dolphin watching plan as we did not have time to do it the following day.

River Ness at Night

Slough-United Kingdom, 4 Januari 2019

PS: This posting is part of our Winter Break 2018 road trip postings. 

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