Scotland Trip Day-4: 22 Dec 2018


Today we left Inverness towards Glasgow, run along A82 which is well know as one of the classic of the Highland journey, all we saw along the journey was nothing but magnificent and dazzling scenery. Estimated to be an up to 5 hour journey,  we were supposed to be very careful about timing as it was winter season. The sun set just before 4pm so practically after 4pm all we might see was only dark. We hoped to be in Loch Lomond by 3.30 so we could be able to enjoy the pond, but the scenery kept calling us to stop bye and took some pictures.


Left the apartment before 11am we started driving along Loch Ness for about 37 km and soon greeted by Loch Oich, a small loch with about 6.5 km long. These two lochs are located on your left hand side along the way to Glasgow from Inverness and connected by 9 km River Oich.

Approaching Loch Oich
Loch Oich
Boats in Loch Oich

Loch Lochy was the next loch which accompanied us along the route for about 16 km. It is located on the right hand side along A82 route.

A82 and Loch Locky

For the next 10 km after Loch Lochy we did not meet a loch but our eyes were spoiled by comforting surrounding scenery that was full of sheep grazings and woods.


View from Commando Memorial

Soon we reached Fort Williams, a town in the western Scottish Highlands, on the shores of Loch Linnhe. It’s known as a gateway to Ben Nevis, the U.K.’s highest peak, and Glen Nevis valley, home to Steall Falls. Loch Linnhe is divided into northern part which is still along the A82 route, and the southern part that is wider and home to the island of Lismore, known as the Lynn of Lorne.

The last loch we saw before reaching Glencoe was Loch Leven which is 14 km long. There are two Loch Leven in Scotland, the first one is the one in Glencoe and the other one is located near Kinross, eastern Scotland. So make sure you are not confused with these two 😉

Loch Leven
A82 and Loch Leven

Approaching Glencoe the mountains suddenly appeared on your sight. Glencoe is actually a glen or valley that is located in the area where River Coe runs through it. The area is very famous of its breathtaking view and “the suddenness of the transition between high mountain pass and the lightly wooded strath”. As a glen, Glencoe has narrower valley than a strath, but the transition between the two makes Glencoe become very special. It is also one of the hillwalkers and climbers popular destination.

Approaching Glencoe
View from Glencoe Mountains Resort

We reached Glencoe Mountains Resort at around 2.30 pm and as the kids were tired we decided to take a break. Actually earlier we were thinking of going up to the ski resort just to have some snow play for the kids, but we found out that the snow were still little and we ran out of time as we still have to drive for about 1 hour to reach Loch Lomond and the sun was getting ready to set.

Thin Layer Snow at The Peaks

Realising we were behind the schedule, we drove a bit faster but still took some magnificent photos. With naked eyes you can see the border between the surrounding and the woods in Trossachs National Park, the National Park where Loch Lomond is located.

Border of Trossachs National Park
Approaching Loch Lomond

We finally reached Loch Lomond by 4pm and it was practically dark but still at least we took a picture of Loch Lomond 🙂

Loch Lomond

We arrived in Glasgow around 6pm and as today was Naura’s birthday we dropped by to buy a birthday cake for her, barokalloohu fikki my baby …

Slough-United Kingdom, 10 Januari 2019

PS: This posting is part of our Winter Break 2018 road trip postings. 




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