Manchester Trip Day-1: 24 Dec 2018


Finally, I can continue blogging our winter break trip last year. The last two weeks I have been busy doing daily challenge from my online parenting class. I have about two weeks time to finish this documentation before facing another daily challenge next month 🙂

We finally arrived in Manchester by 8pm and went straight to our booked apartment. We stayed here for the next following four days. This was our second time coming to this city, so we kinda had idea what and where to go.

Good Morning Manchester

Today we decided to explore the northeastern part of Manchester, as some bloggers suggest in their blog.

20190124_130342320_iosOur first stop was Oldham Central Masjid, one big mosque from more than thirty mosques in Oldham and I love its interior, really beautiful!

Oldham Central Masjid

We planned to have our lunch in Cafe Lahore, a buffet restaurant that has very good reviews, somewhere in Oldham. But we forgot that as today was Christmas eve, they had their arrangement and by the time we reached there, there were not open yet. But alhamdulillaah at the end we had our all time family fave lunch, Subway 🙂

Next stop is Saddleworth. A civil parish of the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham that comprises of several villages and hamlets, including Uppermill and Delph, villages where your eyes will be spoiled by breathtaking views and comforting surroundings.

View from Uppermill
View from Cricket Club Delph

We decided to walk down to Saddleworth High Street to have a cup of coffee and feel the festivity vibe.

Saddleworth War Memorial Park
Saddleworth High Street

20190124_123758525_iOS.jpegAs it is getting dark we decided to head Manchester and had some rest for tomorrow.

Slough-United Kingdom, 24 Januari 2019

PS: This posting is part of our Winter Break 2018 road trip postings.

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